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What can you hear in the 1/2s?

We have begun our new inquiry into ‘How the World Works’. We have been inquiring into light and sound and have been observing and investigating different resources. Today we were very enthusiastic when we discovering how sound travels through paper cups and string. We co-operated with our group to discover new knowledge about sound.



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Grade 1 / 2 News

On Tuesday 22nd August, Grade 1 / 2 had an excursion to ArtVo. Our day started off with a bus trip to Docklands. All students have been inquiring into different cultures and different ways that people express themselves. Our excursion to ArtVo allowed our students to be creative and curious whilst exploring the various artworks on display. Students were fantastic inquirers throughout the excursion, asking experts about the different art and finding out new information to their wonderings.

Well done to all students for a fantastic day. Everyone gained new knowledge and had the chance to find out information about different cultures and paintings.



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Welcome back!

A warm welcome back to term 3.

This week we celebrated NAIDOC week. NAIDOC week celebrations are held across Australia each year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in indigenous communities, but by all Australians. This week grade 1/ 2 acknowledged NAIDOC by informing students of the historical and cultural significance of these communities.

Our current unit of inquiry is ‘How we express ourselves’. Our central idea is ‘People in their culture communicate and express themselves for different purposes and audiences’.

We have been inquirers when exploring different ways that Aboriginal people communicate and express themselves. We have been creative when making Aboriginal flags and art work and were able to communicate our questions to our peers about how different Aboriginal communities communicate and express themselves through music and playing the didgeridoo.

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Chess at Glenroy West

Chess has reached Glenroy West. 

This term as an extra curricular activity, the grade 2s have had a fantastic opportunity to participate in weekly chess classes. 

We have been cooperating with our peers and using our problem solving skills to play. 

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Grade 1 / 2 News

On Monday 22nd May, Grade 1 / 2’s had an excursion to the Melbourne Museum. Our day started off with a train trip to Parliament station. We had lots of fun and shared our knowledge about the Glenroy community. All students have been studying various artefacts from the past and present. We are exploring how artefacts have historically changed overtime due to changes in society. Students were fantastic inquirers at the museum, asking experts about the different artefacts and finding out information to their wonderings.


Well done to all students for a fantastic day. Everyone gained new knowledge and had the chance to find out information about different artefacts and how they have changed over the years to represent a community.

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1/2’s taking action!

In 1 / 2’s we have been busy taking action. We have planted ‘bean’ seeds and have asked some fantastic questions that we wanted to find out about beans. We were inquirers and have been busy finding out information about different types of beans. We have learnt that beans come in a variety of colours and a variety of different sizes.




As part of our action for our ‘How we organise ourselves’ unit, we have planted a bean which we will share with our family members. We have been busy researching and will send a letter home to our family community encouraging them to eat the bean as it will help keep them healthy. We were all very enthusiastic and creative when decorating our pot plants.


Our next unit of inquiry is ‘Where we are in place at time’. Our central idea is ‘ artefacts help us understand the history of a community.’ We encourage all students to bring in an artefact to place on our table. It may represent their family, community or wider community. For this unit we will be having an excursion to Melbourne Museum.

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Welcome back!

Welcome back to Term 2! All students have had a great start to the term and have transitioned back into routine very smoothly. In the 12’s we have been committed to gain new knowledge about our central idea. Our central idea is ‘ Communities have services in place to support Health and Well-Being’. We have been finding out who is in different communities and have had the chance to talk to different communities at Glenroy West Primary School. We will be continuing with this central idea over the next few weeks. Next we will be learning about how services in the community help support our health and well being.


In Numeracy, we have been exploring various number patterns. We have been using the wooden blocks and place value houses to read, write and make the numbers.

Also a friendly reminder, we have our upcoming excursion to the Melbourne Museum on May 22nd. Please ensure that you return your childs permission slip and money to the office as soon as possible.



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Well done to all students for a fantastic end to Term 1. Over the past couple of weeks we have been busy having incursions, our Celebration of Learning as well as participating in various Easter activities.


On the 24th March we were very excited to have our Indonesian Incursion. All students participated and showed respect to different cultures. Students were internationally minded by participating in Indonesian dances and puppet shows and even had a ride on a ric shaw!


On Friday the 31st we had our Easter Bonnet parade. Well done to all students for being creative when making their Easter bonnet hats. We also had a special visit from the Easter Bunny!



We hope you all have a lovely relaxing break and we look forward to seeing you all in term 2.

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12 News

Well done to all the students who have successfully completed our ‘Who we are’ unit. All students have been able to explain how we can be safe at home, safe at school, cyber safety on the computer and ipad, safety on the playground and safety in the community.

An incursion that we had in this unit included a special guest speaker from ‘St Johns’ where we were able to learn songs and acronyms to help us remember how to identify danger at home and what to do to keep safe at home.

We are learning how to be safe at home.

In other curriculum areas, we have been exploring time. Students have shown creativity and commitment in creating their own clocks.



Our new unit of inquiry is ‘How we organise ourselves’. Students will be inquiring into ‘Communities have services in place to support health and wellbeing’. Students will be focusing on communities that are around us as well as how they support our health and wellbeing.


On Thursday 30th March we would like to invite you all to our Celebration of learning. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to come along with your child/ren and be involved in their learning. There are 2 sessions to choose from which are 3.30 pm or 5.00pm.The classrooms will be open for you to visit and see your child/ren’s fantastic work during these times. We hope to see you all there.


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Welcome back to all grade one and two students and a special welcome to new students who have joined us at Glenroy West Primary School. All students have settled in well and have been working hard together in creating our essential agreements for the year.

This term we will be inquiring into ‘Who we are’ with the central idea based on how our actions can affect the safety of ourselves and others. Through our lines of Inquiry we will be looking at different ways that we can be safe, how our actions affect others and how safety is everyone’s responsibility. Throughout the term we will be learning and focusing on how our year level are able to exhibit the learner profiles of balanced, principled and communicators.

We encourage you to have a discussion with your child/children on how they can display these profiles. Students will be discovering how we can be safe in various environments such as; in the classroom, at school, at home and in the community. We ask that all students please bring in or draw an artefact that they feel makes them safe either at home or at school.

Once again, we congratulate all the students on a fantastic start to the year. Keep up the great work and we all looking forward to an exciting year!


Kirsty Wheeler, Maureen Luke and Scott Hoatson.




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